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Lashed Toronto's Brand Ambassador Program:

Lashed Toronto is offering a new and exciting opportunity for lash artists and body contour specialists nationwide. We want to team up with you and help you succeed in this highly profitable industry. Whether you work in a salon or in your own studio you have the chance to offer your clients the best beauty products at a discounted price.


Together, we can build the beauty community!

Lash Ambassadors:


The brand ambassador program is a tiered system. 


  1. In the first tier, you receive an exclusive 20% discount code on all products on our online shop. You will also receive a 10% discount code for your followers. This excludes services and trainings.

  2. The second tier includes the first tier as well as you receive new products when launched to try out and promote. 

  3. The third tier includes everything in the first two tiers as well 10% two Lashed Toronto trainings for the year. 


Body Contour Specialist:


The brand ambassador program is a tiered system. 


  1. In the first tier, you receive a discount Code of 10% for you & your followers.  

  2. In the second tier, you receive an increased discount code of 20% just for personal use.  

  3. The final tier is a commission-based tier. You will also receive a 5% trainings code to provide to your followers. Every time your code is used to enroll in body contouring trainings, you receive a small percentage of the sale. 

Additional perks to the program: 


  • Gain recognition by being featured on Lashed Toronto's social networks, website and other marketing materials. 

  • Be the first pick for Lashed Toronto Training opportunities and potentially become a part of the Lashed Toronto team. 

  • Offer creative ideas and new ventures for Lashed Toronto and the Brand Ambassador Program.

Brand Ambassadors will receive a 10% off code to provide to your followers. The more people that use your code, the higher your chances are to move up the tiers and receive even bigger and better opportunities. To move up tiers, you must consistently meet the requirements set out for the program. 

Requirements & How the Program Works:

  • Brand Ambassador must be 16 years or older to participate. 

  • You must be a certified lash technician or body contour specialist. Proof of certification will be asked. (Being certified through Lashed Toronto is an asset but not a requirement)

  • You are required to post Lashed Toronto product posts 3 times weekly on your story or page. 

  • A love of social media and an audience/following appropriate to the beauty industry

  • Have a business, non-private Instagram

  • Use #lashedtoronto on posts 

  • Acknowledge in your Instagram profile that you are a Lashed Toronto Brand Ambassador (not mandatory, but recommended)

  • No additional lash affiliations 

  • When using your exclusive discount codes, product must be shipped to the address of the on file or picked up by you 

Please Note: Brand Ambassadors must be in compliance with all advertisement guidelines, the terms and conditions of this Agreement and Terms and Conditions for Termination. If you are accepted into the Lashed Toronto brand ambassador program, additional details and information will be provided to you directly. All Brand Ambassadors are required to sign a terms and conditions agreement.

Apply Below:

Thanks for applying to our Brand Ambassador program.

Your application has been received.

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