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  • How Long will a Full Set of Classic Lashes Last?
    Eyelash extensions will last you through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes however, fills are necessary anywhere between 3-4 weeks after your initial appointment. The time frame on when you should book your lash fill also depends on your natural lash shedding process, but as well as how you care for your lashes. Please note that you must have 30% of lashes remaining at the time of your 2 Week Fill & 40% at the time of your 3-4 Week Fill - in order for it to be considered a fill. Anything less will be considered a full set.
  • How Long Does the Lash Application Take?
    Applying a Full Set of Eyelash Extensions takes 1.5 hours. During your lash appointment, you will fill out a first-time client form, discus curls, styles, and lengths of lashes, and take a before picture prior to the start of the ash application.
  • What Should I do to Prepare for My Lash Appointment?
    It is highly recommended that you arrive to your lash appointment without any eye makeup such as: Mascara, Liquid Liner, or Eyeshadow. Please navigate to our 'Book Appointment' page where you can find more details about how to prepare for your appointment.
  • Are Eyelash Extensions Damaging to my Natural Lashes?
    When applied by a certified lash technician, lash extensions are not, in any way damaging to your natural lashes. Also, applying Lashed Toronto’s very own Lash & Brow Serum in between your full sets will strengthen, thicken, and stimulate hair growth for both your lashes and brows. Serum is made available to purchase online or in studio during your lash appointment.
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